At, my focus is to consider and explore the many facets of a healthy lifestyle.

Sustainable health – for both mind and body – is a journey with many challenges. My goal is to help help people through diverse articles, resources, and opinions that promote diversity and moderation on the path toward a healthy lifestyle, that’s sustainable.

The content has evolved from personal experience, investigation, and experimentation. I try not to promote one specific way of doing something, but encourage balance and moderation to ensure enjoyment and sustainability – whether it’s diet, fitness, or even meditation techniques.

I’m hopeful the articles and resources you find here provide insight, guidance, and at the very least, ideas to ponder and further investigate on your own accord.

Thank you for stopping by! I sincerely hope you find FitLyf a resource that adds “value” and enjoyment to your life, and that it touches those who surround you.


The Fun Stuff (Disclaimer)

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