Sustainable health and wellbeing for mind, body, and soul can be a challenging journey, but also extremely rewarding for you, and those you love.

Hi there – I’m Joe, a mid-forties health-nut that’s constantly striving toward a well-rounded and complete life. There’s no “finish line”, so just keep on truckin!

Things need to change – for us, our families, communities, and society at large.

To enable, and ultimately achieve a healthier lifestyle and planet, we need transformation. But we must change and evolve in a meaningful, balanced, and encompassing manner, or we can’t lock-in, and sustain our progress.

My wife and two young children are the driving force behind my health quest, as I’d love to stick around for them, grand kids (some day), and be able to enjoy retirement!

With a family history of health issues, and high cholesterol, I take my wellbeing seriously. After all, we only have one body and mind. And if you don’t have your health, you can’t enjoy life to the fullest!

Exercise and outdoor activities have been a passion of mine from a young age, however recently I felt something amiss. So about three years ago I decided to expand my “health horizon” to pursue a more robust, sustainable, and comprehensive approach.

In concert with a relentless drive to improve my own knowledge about living a healthier, and more centered lifestyle, I want to document and share what I learn in a simple and user friendly manner.

My attempt at helping others is through curating and sharing reputable and insightful articles, podcasts, and videos. My hope is that such resources can help those that need some guidance (or perhaps just a slight nudge), but may not have the time to scour the online world for diverse and quality content.

Each Sunday morning I post a new list of links with short commentary that’s structured to allow a quick review by category. The content is focused on health and wellbeing.

Diversity, balance, and moderation help us on our path toward longevity and lasting fulfillment in whatever we pursue!

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I sincerely hope that FitLyf evolves into an engaging and interactive platform that adds value and gratification to your life, as well as those who surround you – so please leave comments, questions, or recommendations on the weekly postings, or email me direct (or Twitter @fitlyf) so we can become better, together!


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