I’ve had minimal dairy on my quest to become dairy free, and no meat. We’re also making meals focused on whole grains and plants. It’s definitely challenging, as I do love dairy, and it’s simply not as quick and convenient to prepare and cook in this manner. However I’m actively looking at methods to help make shopping, prep, and cooking easier in support of our ultimate goal, and ensure we can sustain for the long haul!

One such tool that I’ve been testing the waters with is:  https://forksmealplanner.com/. I also highly recommend the documentary.  The real benefit is when you download the app.  Most meal planners will provide the recipe, create a shopping list, and at your discretion, some will feed the shopping list to a home delivery service (Instacart, etc).

These days there are MANY meal planners that will support your quest toward whole foods and plant based diet.  Here’s a couple other meal planners I’m testing…. https://meals.richroll.com/ (listen to Rich’s podcast – Excellent!) and https://mealplanner.engine2.com/.

There are other options out there, simply do a Google search for ‘vegan’ and/or ‘whole foods plant based diet apps’. Most do have a cost if you want the full capability of website and/or app, and some have a free or reduced cost trial period.

I’ll leave you with a relatively easy and tasty dinner we made this past week. If you like beets, you’ll love it, if you don’t like beets, I encourage you to give it a go anyway!  Our 3 year old who was adamant he didn’t like beets (though he’d never tried), ended up actually liking!

Here’s the recipe (compliments of the Engine 2 meal planner):  http://bit.ly/2CASsMo

Citrus Beet & Black Bean Quinoa Bowl - Engine 2 Meal Planner
Citrus Beet & Black Bean Quinoa Bowl – Engine 2 Meal Planner

Enjoy the Journey!