Our family is continuing our focus on healthier eating this first week into February. There have been some “cheats” along the way, but the vast majority of meals have been plant-based. Further, with two young kids, I expect some deviations to continue. It seems at this point that a balanced approach is likely the only way our family can sustain changing eating habits on the path toward a plant-based diet, and a more healthy way of eating and living.

Good recipes are vital when altering the way you eat, along with how you approach meal planning, shopping, and food/meal preparation.  This change is what we’re finding to be the biggest challenge, as you can’t just grab a frozen chicken breast, ground turkey, or a hamburger anymore. Depending upon where you’re coming from, eating healthier can take more planning and creativity, and at least initially, time.

Here are a couple great resources to help with recipes and meal planning:

Both of these meal planners our integrated with grocery delivery services – Instacart and Peapod. If they deliver in your area (you can check by clicking the links), these meal planners become even more powerful tools to assist with planning and shopping.

We’ve just started using The Plant Power Meal Planner, and so far so good.

You can often find online coupon codes by doing a search. Here’s a $20 off code for the Plant Power Meal Planner:  https://couponfollow.com/site/meals.richroll.com#C3495670

Have a wonderful day!