We’re still going strong, and the kiddo’s are even starting to “buy in” to our new approach and commitment to eating healthier. They prefer many of the plant-based, whole food dishes more than those loaded with dairy and meat. We had a wonderful butternut and risotto dish last night with a side of asparagus, lentils, and navy beans. Asparagus was not the winner from the kids perspective, but everything else was a hit!  Full disclosure, we did add a very light amount of cheese to the risotto dish.  Remember, baby steps!

If you want to learn a bit more about the eating plan we’re pursuing as a family, you can find the general concept here.  However there are also some great documentaries (referenced previously) and many great books which I will attempt to begin listing soon. For now, you can check out our Resource page for the latest.

With kids, it’s important to be consistent, yet flexible. Give them options – healthy ones. The earlier you can start “training” their tastes, the easier the task will be. If they’re old enough to understand ingredients, read them everything that goes into their favorite processed foods, and explain why it’s not healthy. Education and awareness, even from a young age is critical. It will stick with them and help them make good decisions throughout their life.

Significantly changing what you eat is no doubt a challenge, and a journey. Take your time, and enjoy the ride to ensure it’s sustainable for you, and your family. We’ve all grown up on great tasting processed foods, meats, dairy, and eggs. Our taste buds and lifestyles have become accustomed to the taste, feel, and social interactions that surround “traditional” foods.  But it’s time to take a very close look at the impact of “traditional” foods – on our health, environment, and animals’ welfare – increase your awareness, and share with your loved ones.

Let’s pivot together – for a better you, lifestyle, and future!

Plant strong my friends!