Wow – Week 11! Hopefully you’re finding these topics and online resources helpful on your quest toward health and wellness. I’m truly enjoying the journey, and learning (A LOT) while digging for honest and reputable online sources.

This week we look at morning routines, and how they can better prepare us to tackle the day. Gluten-free diets seem to be the rage, but what is gluten, and is it really beneficial to be gluten-free? Teaching respect and kindness to our children is invaluable to our society, and prepares them to better handle life. Soil is critical to our health, way of life, and future generations – we must begin taking better care of it, or the consequences may be dire. Finally, if you’re like my wife and I, we drink our fair share of coffee, and it’s normally from coffee pods (i.e. K-cups). Instead of throwing in the trash, learn how you can recycle and compost. And of course, there’s more on the docket….



  • A good morning routine can get you both mentally and physically prepared to not just get through the day, but rather conquer it (on continual basis)! I read this article from Benjamin Hardy a couple years ago, and have followed it closely ever since. It’s a great read, with incredibly valuable information that can quite honestly change your days, weeks, and life!



  • A Hypothyroid condition can present challenges to control body weight. Here are a few different articles that provide insight as to why weight control can be a challenge with hypothyroid, and tactics to consider to help manage hypothyroid and body weight.




 Recipe of the Week





  • This week I’m suggesting a documentary, Kiss the Ground. An eye-opening and informative film on the criticality of soil to our future on this planet. From ensuring healthy foods, to the climate and drinking water, Kiss the Ground educates. Farmers must stop tilling and applying poisonous pesticides to our land, and instead pursue “regenerative agriculture”. This method of farming has the potential to balance the climate, replenish water supplies, and feed the world. It’s available on Netflix, or you can watch on demand for $1.00. As an added bonus, the documentary is narrated by Woody Harrelson.




Quote of the Week

  • Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. – Mark Twain






Personal Finance

  • To Lease, or not to Lease, now that is the question…. Are you considering a new vehicle? If so, you may have considered leasing instead of buying, or perhaps are firm in your stance against leasing, thinking it can be a waste of money (that’s me by the way). This article will help you better understand vehicle leases, as well as potential downs sides, and benefits.


Wild Card

  • My wife drinks A LOT of coffee, and loves the convenience of the K-cup coffee pods. The one problem – they’re plastic (and aluminum) and tend to make their way into the trash and landfills. We’ve unfortunately been throwing these away for quite some time now. I only recently started separating the different K-pod components by hand after use, however it’s pretty time consuming. After a little research, I found a tool that simplifies the job and allows you to recycle the plastic cup and foil top portions, and compost the coffee grounds and filter. SO COOL! You can learn more here, and purchase the tool here.
    • There are other options to k-cups as well. You can use a reusable k-cup filter along with your favorite coffee. Here’s a link to reusable K-cup filters and a handy scoop for the perfect serving size.