This week looks at why we dream and how to interpret them, along with proper kettlebell sizing and workouts from beginner to advance, and is sushi healthy and safe for children. Who Gives a Crap is a company that helps third world nations through selling affordable and planet-friendly toilet paper online, and of course, much more!







  • Sushi. Many of us love it, perhaps even crave it, but is it healthy? Well, it depends. This article solicits input from two registered dieticians for their input. It really depends on the type of sushi and its contents (as well as sauces). The other concern is that sushi rolls tend to be mainly white rice.
  • This article shares how to lean toward healthier types of sushi rolls. Also, don’t forget about sashimi!


Recipe of the Week



  • Sticking with the sushi theme, our kids love sushi – it’s right up there with Pizza and burgers. It’s an occasional treat only but they started when they were young – probably around 3 years old. Here’s a couple of articles looking at what age it’s okay to let children eat raw fish sushi.





  • The Dream Interpretation Handbook: A Guide and Dictionary to Unlock the Meanings of Your Dreams. Karen Frazier. No matter how weird or out there your dreams might be, you can learn to interpret their meanings.


Quote of the Week

  • “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew



  • Who Gives A Crap?  They do! Looking for a new source of economical, yet high quality and planet friendly toilet paper? Then look no further… They als donate 50% of profits to building toilets to improve sanitation conditions in developing countries! Holy crap – these guys rock!



  • This week instead of charity ideas to donate to, if you and/or your family have some extra time, consider volunteering. There are also many virtual volunteer opportunities as well!


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Wild Card

  • Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, many of you have welcomed a new furry friend into your home. Of course this is wonderful news as many of those dogs were from shelters (I hope this trend continues!). If you’re a new dog owner, you probably know (or perhaps in the midst of learning) that it’s much more pleasant when a dog doesn’t yank and pull while leashed. If you’re looking for some help to teach your new furry pal how to walk in a controlled manner on a loose leash, check out this guide –