Self-awareness is understanding ourselves, and a critical component toward personal development and relationships. Water is essential for life, so be sure you and your family are drinking plenty, and that it’s clean. Have you been to a farmers market lately? They are wonderful events that provide amazing foods, and support your local community. Do you have a 401(k) option through your employer? Are you contributing enough? (or perhaps too much).


  • Understanding and improving self-awareness can improve your personal development, relationships, and even mold more effective leaders.


  • Drinking water first thing in the morning – is it beneficial? Following are two resources with differing views. I personally drink about 32 oz. (or 1 liter) first thing in the morning (with fresh squeezed lime). I immediately feel hydrated and more alert. Water is obviously healthy and critical to our being, however the numerous health benefits being touted online about morning water intake may not be fully proven.


  • Farmers Markets are great for finding fresh, healthy, and organic foods. It’s also an amazing way to support your local community, and farmers. Kids also tend to love them! “” is a great way to find farmers markets near you. Simply input your city or zip code and start exploring, and supporting!

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  • Water is life, and clean water means health.” Audrey Hepburn


  • Are you looking to better cleanse your city or well water? There are several companies offering water filer solutions (Aquasana, Pelican, etc), but the decision can be involved, and costly. The following resource can help you better understand the technology, available options (whole home, under counter, reverse osmosis, etc), as well compare offerings of the major players. We’re currently relying strictly on our fridge’s filtered water, however seriously considering a more complete and robust home system. We’ve been relying on the following resource for research.
  • Before you spend money on a water filtration system, you may want to first test your tap water. This will help determine if you even need to filter your water, and if so what type of filter system is best. It can also confirm your filter or filtration system is doing its job. Tap Score is touted as thorough and user friendly – for city and well water. Prices start at $129.
    • EWG offers a great resource with what they indicate as healthy water levels vs. the government’s recommended levels. Consider weighing your tap water scores against both the governments, Tap Scores, and EWG’s.  “When it comes to drinking water, getting a passing grade from the government does not necessarily mean the water is safe.”


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