This week, like most, we’re well diversified! From what is flow state and how to achieve, to understanding the benefits of the WFPB lifestyle and meatless meats. We also look at the basics of investing money and how to get started online. Finally, we provide a great resource on how to approach aging parents to ensure their wellness and safety, while still allowing them to age gracefully with your love and support. And as always, we have many other tidbits sprinkled throughout.







  • Meatless Meats Good tasting and good for you? With the increasing popularity of Impossible and Beyond burgers, it’s important to understand the health implications if you’re eating on a regular basis. Meatless burgers are better for the planet and animal welfare, however not necessarily for your health. This article looks into the creation of meatless burgers and also compares to beef and black bean burgers. The numbers are fairly alarming. I’ll stick to bean burgers for now if I get a burger inkling.


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  • If you have younger kids (and perhaps even if not), “The Way of The Warrior Kid” book series does a wonderful job of helping kids understand the importance of learning, eating right, exercise, kindness, and standing up for others. My 6 year old loves the books, and we’re on to the third book. The books are available on Amazon, but the site has a few extras your child may want as they learn the “Warrior Way”!


Quote of the Week

  • “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato



  • Everyone needs a good jump rope. An easy, convenient, and thorough cardio exercise. Add a weighted vest and/or ankle weights for a more intense jumping session. has a wide variety of high quality ropes, but pricing is pretty high. If you’re just looking to get started or try for the first time, I’d recommend a more reasonably priced rope from Amazon. You can always upgrade to a higher quality rope.



  • Fallen Patriots – Our mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.


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