Good Question…. 🙂

Fitlyf curates wellness related resources to enable quick consumption of reputable and diverse online content to open the door to, and enhance overall wellbeing. (i.e. we find intriguing and actionable wellness articles and podcasts, filter for the good stuff , and pile ’em together weekly just for you! )

I originally started the FitLyf blog to create health and wellness related articles, but quickly learned I didn’t have time to write consistently, or with the depth needed to truly benefit the reader.  And let’s be honest,  there’s already a shitload of health related content online (some great, and some not so), thus felt I could better serve an online community by sifting through it all, and compiling a list of only the best and most reputable.

The curated content is released weekly on Sunday mornings to this blog, and titled “Quick Fit {X}”. You can also sign up for the ‘Weekly Links List’ and receive an email with the same content.

The category and structure of the weekly lists are as follows. I generally share one to two links under each category so as to not inundate you.

– Mind
– Body
– Food
– Recipe of the Week
– Kids
– Podcast
– Books
– Quote of the Week
– Gear
– Give
– Personal Finance
– Wild Card

I sincerely hope you enjoy and find value from the curated lists. Of course if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!